Racism is The Thickness of Skin

I skinned my knee the other day. As I cleaned it, I looked at the torn skin. It was THINNER than a piece of paper. I sat there for a moment, and my head exploded in thought. Thinner THAN, a bit of PAPER, and YET, it is the THICKNESS of Racism. The world has imprisoned, beaten, dug mass graves, stolen women and children, and all predicated on Racism based on the thickness of a piece of a human organ, skin. If we were all wholly skinned and walked out of our homes, would we know what color the other person was? We fight religious wars because we do not feel certain people should believe what they do.
We have become so self-righteous. Why are we getting so much closer to losing our humanity? Is it because of the spewing fanaticism of one who walks among us? Man walked out of Africa and populated the world, but people have abused and subjugated people of many nations because their skin was supposed to mean inferiority. MAN has sold and murdered each other because of creed, nationality, color, or HATRED. We are killing because of PERCEIVED differences.
What say those who stay silent in these assaults? They will be held accountable in this life or the next? We live in a world of Racism and prejudice. We are very much children of a lesser god (man). We have a chance to SAVE our planet and ourselves, but look around; the earth is fighting back to survive, and believe me, this is a fight we cannot win. The result will be Hurricanes, Tornados, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Wildfires, and the worst disaster of them all, MAN, and we will see us realize our insignificance in a world that has NEVER needed us to survive. Most of the population will NOTICE too late; we are too busy WORRYING about RACISM, staring at the thickness of someone else’s SKIN.

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