Dance For Me

Sometimes when the wind blows, I think I hear your voice whistling in the breeze
I close my eyes and daydream to the sound of your teasing me into a game of love. I dream you are dancing for me, leading me into your oasis of love.
I am afraid to open my eyes; I would be a fool to let your image fade from my mental sight.
You are exotic, naked, dancing with a flower in your mouth.
I am jealous, why does the flower have to give you your first taste, I need it to be me drinking from your lips.
I watch you twist your body, gyrating deep in places only you may wake within me with your passionate fire
You dance onto my naked lap, and we pierce the night air with a simultaneous inhale.
The night has given way to us making love; the sound we make, lost on the wind; I can feel the low hum vibrating, coming from us.
I dare not rise from my chair, or the effect of my dream will reveal itself to the world.
I sit there, waiting for my manhood to relax. It may take a while, my mind has drifted back to our naked dance, and to think, it all started with your voice on the wind, on a gentle breeze.

May I have the next dance, my lady?

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