We Must Remember

Sometimes I feel we can only be what we were. Frozen in a landscape of dripping tears and sagging emotions.

We are sunburnt and frostbitten over time and seasons are too many to recall.

Weathered beyond our years. Having suffered at the hands of others.

I see you in my mind.

Things are clear and pure, but that was yesterday, a long time ago.

What do you see when you think of me?

Have I become a fallen branch? Lost on the floor of life. Decaying to sustain the lives of other organisms.

Am I sustenance for someone else, as I lay dying?

We live in a world where appreciation is a popular catchphrase.

Do people really know how to appreciate kindness, or are their gestures perfunctory?

Sometimes it is not enough to be what we were.

It is up to us to remember what was and know who we are now.

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